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Aperlai Paris Shoes

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Brand new for Spring Summer 2013, some of the sexiest shoes in the world are now available to buy online. Described by the fashion world as “the heels you’d walk over glass to own”, Aperlai Paris stiletto heels are designed by Alessandra Lanvin and are named after the ancient Lycian city.

Aperlai Paris St Tropez Irridescent Zip Back ShoesThe Aperlai brand was founded in 2009, and each collection is creatively designed around luxuriously high stiletto heels. Design features include sleek, artistic curves combined with contrasting colours and textures of leather. Also check out the inherent asymmetries which entrap the eye and take it on a lead around the lines of the shoe. These shoes are veritable outworks! Exotic materials such as sting ray, python and pony skin are often used in conjunction with butter soft leather.

The shoes are hand made in Italy, Venice to be precise, by local artisans. The heels are usually stiletto and usually high - somewhere between 12.5cm and 13cm is the norm. Soles include flat, slim platforms and wide platforms according to your taste.

The Current Collection

In the current collection, the emphasis is on slim and tall stiletto heels combined with contrasting fabrics. For example, teaming holographic silver with navy suede as in the Aperlai Paris St Tropez Holographic Zip Back Shoes, pictured above left. There is also something of a corsetry feel with many of the styles, where straps and laces to combine to create a thoroughly sexy shoe. Tough luxe is also in evidence with shoes such as the Aperlai Paris Python Stilettos with Studded Heel, pictured below right.

Aperlai Paris Python Stilettos with Studded HeelAperlai Paris Snakeskin Lace-up StilettosWhich celebrities wear Aperlai Paris shoes?

Celebrity fans of the Aperlai Paris include Jessica Alba, Thandie Newton, Blake Lively, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Bosworth and Amanda Seyfried.

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