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Beau Coops

Beau Coops wedgesBeau CoopsBeau Coops gets its name from the word "Beau" - meaning handsome man, and "Coops" from the surname of the founder of the brand, Carrie Cooper. Of course the fact that Beau Coops sounds similar to "beaucoup" in French - meaning "lots", is just a happy coincidence. Perhaps its because Beau Coops wedges have lots of style!

The Beau Coops philosophy is to create beautifully designed footwear, of the highest quality and style, creating classic styles that will continue to be fashionable from one season to the next.

Carrie Cooper, the designer, has been living in London for the past few years and previously workd for other footwear fashion houses including Eley Kishimoto and Alexander McQueen, and Beau Coops is her debut solo collection.

The wedges created by Beau Coops are made in Italy from the finest Italian leather.

The Collection

Previous collections from Beau Coops have been heavy on wedges. In fact, they were a wedge lovers dream! You could have peep toes or closed toes, leather or suede, zips or laces - whatever, as long as you have a wedge heel and platform sole. And, these shoe boot wedges are surprisingly comfortable to wear, and some styles are even weatherproof. So, you now have the opportunity to dress practically as well as beautifully. What more could you ask for?

Newer collections have had more of an emphasis on ankle boots with low and block heels.

Where can I buy Beau Coops shoes online?

Beau Coops Wedge Zip Ankle Boots

Urban Outfitters have a small range of Beau Coops ankle boots available online, as pictured below, including the Kingsman ankle boots available in black or red. Although UK based, Urban Outfitters offer worldwide delivery. They accept all major credit cards.


Beau Coop Ankle Boots