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Gina ShoesGina logoGina Shoes was founded by Turkish born Mehmet Kurdash in 1954, from a basement in Shoreditch. The brand was named after the film star who Mehmet thought to be the most glamourous in the world - Gina Lollobrigida. Today, Gina shoes remains a family company and it is run by Mehmet's three grandsons.

Madonna is a great fan of Gina shoes - she wore them for her "Confessions on a Dance floor" tour. Other celebrities who have been seen wearing Gina Shoes include Penelope Cruz, Catherine Zeta Jones, Nicole Kidman. Other shoe manufacturers are also fans of Gina Shoes, indeed Gina won £100,000 in compensation from Moda in Pelle after finding Moda in Pelle had produced very similar designs to Gina. Gina did not believe this to be a coincidence! The shoe Gina Naomi shoesstyles in question were Zeta, Naomi and Colette. I am lucky enough to own a pair of Gina Zeta shoes, I Moda in Pelle Tamara shoesremember when I bought them that Moda in Pelle had a very similar style available, but for me the fit of the Gina shoes was preferable. Anyway, what do you think? Pictured on the left are the Gina Naomi style, on the right are Moda in Pelle's Tamarah.

Gina shoes are always exceptionally glamourous, with high heeled sandals adorned with all the glitz and sparkle that you would expect from a top designer shoe, perfect for a red carpet event or (more likely, for me) a dinner dance. Heels look to be getting higher, balanced by higher soles for comfort. Swarovski crystals often play a role in Gina shoe designs.

There are two Gina boutiques in London, on 9 Old Bond Street and 189 Sloane Street. They are also sold in Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and Harrods, plus independent designer shoe boutiques across the UK.

Gina Cruz BootsWhere can I buy Gina shoes online?

Selfridges has a good range of Gina shoes, boots and sandals online.

Highlights from the Current Season

Gina Shiri gold platform shoesHighlights from the current season available from Selfridges include: