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Shoppers from outside the UK can snap up bargains at the moment due to the low value of the Pound compared to the Euro and the Dollar. Many of the online stores featured offer worldwide delivery and, if you live outside the EU, a VAT refund (VAT is effectively a UK sales tax and the rate is currently at 20%).
Designer Brands

H by Hudson

H by Hudson

H by Hudson shoes and boots for men and womenH by Hudson is a diffusion brand that was created in 2004, which creates rebellious, fashionable and cool shoes for both men and women. The label from which it was diffused, Hudson, was founded in 1990 in the UK. The brand's ethos was to create great quality footwear for men at a reasonable price. Now with the advent of H by Hudson, both men and women can choose shoes which embody the latest trends. H by Hudson primarily design day wear shoes and boots but some are suitable for evening wear.

The Shoes

The current range of women's shoes includes flat ankle boots such as the H by Hudson Freya suede boots, and leather sandals including the Lucilla and Juba flat sandals. There are also heeled boots including the Jomanda, Kai and Amira.

The current range of men's shoes includes lace up boots, mocassins, suede lace up shoes and boots. Best sellers at the time of writing were the Burman, Ashburten and Dylan shoes and the Buckley boots.

H by Hudson Lowe boots

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