Sam Edelman

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Sam Edelman

Sam Edelman Black Tessa Aztec Stitch Patent Court ShoeSam Edelman shoesSam Edelman is a relatively recent American shoe designer, who was been designing and selling his own range of gorgeous shoes since 2004.

He has achieved great popularity across the US, and now his styles are available this side of the Atlantic. Celebrities love Sam Edelman shoes, of course, and his designs are frequently worn by Mischa Barton, Rachel Bilson and Miley Cyrus.

Sam Edelman Coffee Galina SandalThe Sam Edelman brand is now sold in over 500 speciality and designer boutiques in the US.

What others say about Sam Edelman: "Inspiration is the key ingredinet of a true designer; and Edelman most certainly qualifies as on. He is not a 'line builder' or a 'brand manager' in the generic MBA sense. He is a designer, a creator - an artist. He doesn't rely on spread sheets, he doesn't follow business models and you can be damn sure he doesn't follow orders if his gut tells him to go on another direction. Sam Edelman is a visionary."

For Sam Edelman, fashionable footwear is more than just jumping on the next bandwagon, chasing the latest trend. Sam Edelman's designs are proactive - not reactive. "If you're not ahead, you'll be old by the time spring comes," he says. "You have to be innovative. If you're the same as everybody else, it's just about the price and where you can buy it cheaper."

Sam Edelman Blush Tessa Aztec Stitch Patent Court ShoeSam Edelman Nixie Winged Platform ShoeWhere can I buy Sam Edelman shoes online?