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Ugg Australia

Ugg Australia Metallic bronze classic tall bootsUgg Australia bootsThe original and the best, Ugg Australia manufacture boots made from the highest quality sheepskin in the world. Although they have been copied by other brands - and sometimes even faked - no other boots can match the genuine Ugg Australia brand, and they are the most coveted sheepskin boots in the world.

Ugg Australia chestnut Bailey button bootUgg Australia have recently expanded their range to include slippers, gloves, aviator hats, ear muffs and bags, all made with the same top quality sheepskin and attention to detail. Their boots are now available for men, women and children.

Lindsay Lohan wearing Stuart Weitzman bootsAs anyone who has owned a pair of genuine Ugg Boots will tell you, there is nothing more comfortable to put on your feet. The current collection of boots includes the classic sheepskin Ugg Australia Grey Shearling Aviator Hatboots in both in long and short lengths in brown, chestnut, black, metallic and grey for the new season. There are also some short Ugg Boots in Aubergine (referred to as Egg Plant by Americans - purple to everyone!)

Many "A" list celebrities are fans of Ugg Australia boots, including Britney Spears, Eva Longoria, Kate Hudson, Kate Winslet and Jessica Alba.

Where can I buy Ugg Australia Boots, ear muffs, slippers, gloves, aviator hats and bags online

There are a number of online stores that sell genuine Ugg Australia branded items. My favourites are:

For customers outside the UK, now could be the time to pick up a few Ugg bargains, as many currencies appear strong against the weak pound right now.