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Shoppers from outside the UK can snap up bargains at the moment due to the low value of the Pound compared to the Euro and the Dollar. Many of the online stores featured offer worldwide delivery and, if you live outside the EU, a VAT refund (VAT is effectively a UK sales tax and the rate is currently at 20%).
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Vegan Shoes

Vivienne Westwood Melissa Lady Dragon Globe ShoeVegan ShoesVegan shoes are shoes that contain no animal products at all. Whilst many vegan shoes may look like they are made from leather, they are in fact made from man made leather which is now very similar to the real thing, and in many cases actually better than natural leather. Vegan clothing was given popular appeal by the fashion designer Stella McCartney. However, now there are many other companies that produce Vegan Shoes, some of which are entirely mainstream.

For example, the shoe picture top right is the result of a collaboration between Vivienne Westwood and the shoe manufacturer Melissa. These shoes, this particular model being called the Vivienne Westwood Melissa Lady Globe Dragon Shoe, is worn by vegans and none vegans alike. It is made entirely from plastic.

Here are some other manufacturers of Vegan Shoes:

Neuaura Vegan Riding BootsWhere can I buy Vegan Shoes and boots online?

Fashion Conscience sell a great range of vegan shoes, including footwear from the above brands, and in addition these other Vegan Shoe manufacturers:

Also check out the Melissa Designer Shoes at Nonnon which are made from vegan Melflex plastic.