Vic Matie

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Vic Matie

Vic Matic chunky heel bootsVic MatieVic Matie is an Italian company which designs high quality leather boots and sandals for women. Their philosophy is that the beating heart of the brand is the creativity, because all the objects that are part of it are thought, planned and developed as "uniques", which are then produced to become part of a woman's daily life.

Vic Matie SandalsAnother fundamental concept is the strong and encompassing belief that a brand is representative of a point of view of the world - in this instance, the world of fashion.

Vic Matie hopes that its designs are found attractive and fascinating by women, by making their boots charming yet ultimately attainable.

Is there a Vic Matie boutique?

The Vic Matic flagship stores are in Rome, Milan and Catania in Italy and Dusseldorf in Germany. There is not yet a Vic Matic boutique in London. However, you can buy Vic Matie boots online (see below).

Where can I buy Vic Matie boots and sandals online?

NDC taupe suede men's shoesVic Matie Tray Classic Boot

E&A Moda are an online designer outlet which curently have some Vic Matie sandals and ankle boots on sale at discounted prices. E&A Moda are UK based but offer worldwide delivery.

Question-air also stock a range of Vic Matie and Vic by Vic Matie footwear which is also available online. The range including hidden wedge ankle and calf high boots, cowboy boots, classic suede boots, knee high and over the knee boots. Question-air are based in the UK but offer worldwide delivery.